This first two weeks of classes was very tiring. It’s not that I have a lot of things to do, the semester had just started anyway so requirements will probably coincide later on. The problem is that I don’t have enough time to rest and be at pace with the things I need to do. I wanted to be active as much as possible to my org, but that also meant sacrificing some of my time for studies. I also wanted to study longer during the night, but I cannot seem to keep up since I already feel sleepy just before midnight. And besides, I am not easily satisfied with such hastened and mediocre work. I also wanted to do my usual hobbies, but I cannot seem to find time at all.  I just realized how precious time is to me.

Another reason is the physical demand of going to and from various buildings to my classes, which are distantly located from each other. I usually ride jeepneys to spare myself from getting too tired, but I still need to walk sometimes. And walking also meant carrying my heavy pink handbag usually packed with all the things I would be needing for the rest of the day. There were really some instances that I felt I would collapse from too much load, good thing I didn’t yield.

Next is the weather. Tropical climate is usually the extremes of two weathers: sun and rain. When it’s sunny, the heat is tiring and barely bearable, especially during noon. When it’s rainy, the rain keeps us from going anywhere without getting wet. Good thing that happened just now was that classes were suspended due to the excessive downpour of the typhoon. Now I can just relax and take it easy, but I also have to spend this good long time for necessary things.

  1. Dante Caruso said:

    kamusta na? naaalala mo pa ba ako? haha. ok lang yan bea. basta mag-ingat ka lang at uminom ng maraming tubig :))

    • bcbgarcia said:

      Bakit naman kita malilimutan. ;D Kaya mabigat din ang bag ko, kasi may dala rin akong thermos na may tubig, haha. Thank you!
      How was your blog going? Akala ko di ka na magsusulat doon, pero nung tiningnan ko lang ngayon, kaka-post mo lang din. Good luck!

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