Buko Pandan and More

A month has already passed since the last time I have posted. This really tells how extremely busy I am with my studies. It’s not that I am doing it for myself or for my future life, the reason is more grander than that. That’s why I’m always struggling to perfect every little detail of it, even though I know I cannot be good with everything about it. And I know that every hardship would bear fruit, this undying perseverance to work (in my case, studies) would teach me order, discipline, and the necessary virtues in life. Of course, I still enjoy and have fun despite this busy academic life.

The weather have been bad lately due to “hanging Habagat” and low pressure areas. There was a time when it rained continuously for almost a week or more, I remember hearing from the news that July had an unusual number of typhoons. Every morning, the sky greets me with a gloomy face. I long for the warmth of sunlight once again.

Yesterday, my prayer was granted. It was a really fine weather, you could see the sunbeam creeping out of the leaves and branches of the trees as if the heaven was opening wide. But those wonderful sights only lasted in the morning. The afternoon sun was more intense that you would wish for rain was once again. What extreme weathers!

And since August is the national language month, I will write and post poems in this blog. I have written  one so far, but it is still incomplete. The inspiration came from one of my favorite desserts, buko pandan. Buko pandan is a mixture of pandan gelatin/jelly, shredded buko meat, sugar, crushed ice, and evaporated milk.

Tanghali, katirikan ng araw,
Ang init ay umaalingasaw.
Lalamunan ko’y tuyo at uhaw,
Tanging tubig ang nais isigaw.

At sa paglalakad ay namasdan,
Isang payak at munting tindahan…

To be continued.


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