Feast for the Eyes

I like going to supermarket and stores because I enjoy seeing how they display their products in an attractive and colorful way. I have no money most of the time so I always do “window-shopping”, feasting at their art forms.

One time at SM Supermarket in San Fernando, Pampanga, I saw a really beautiful display of ice cream containers placed in an open freezer of all sorts of flavors. I took photos of it though I think I’m not allowed to do so.

See those marvelous columns of ice cream as far as the eye can see. Isn’t it beautiful? Surely, younger children would be more fascinated, tugging their parents to buy one as well.

Talking about ice cream, my favorite flavor is vanilla, topped with cashews, rice crispies, cornflakes and more light-flavored toppings. Yum! My stomach’s grumbling right now.

Updating this post, my roommate just bought a container of Double Dutch ice cream and she kindly shared some of it with us. I topped it with my Quaker Oats cereals. It was delicious.

Sorbetes, kulay ay iba-iba
Sa mata ay nakakakahalina,
Sa dila’y nakakatuwa
Sa puso’y nakakataba.
Gusto ko pa ng isa!
Meron pa ba?


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