Jean-Baptiste Maunier

He is definitely one of the best choral singers.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier, a French, was a soprano with a very high angelic voice. He became a member of the children’s choir, La Chorale des Petits Enfants De Saint-Marc. But he just broke his voice recently due to puberty, and now though his voice is not as high as before, is still good. I think he is planning to be a tenor.

I learned about him from the movie Les Choristes, where he became famous. Our religious instructor made us watch this and I couldn’t be more grateful since I enjoyed and learned from it very much.  The plot was very touching, and I liked the singing part, especially when Maunier as Pierre sings solo. This part was when the formed boy’s choir performs. The song is entitled “La Nuit“. Video by Peteronfire.

He also sang a magnificently wordless song, “Concerto Pour Deux Voix“, with Clémence Saint-Preux to record his high voice. Seriously, this song poured forth all the wonders of his voice. Even I can’t sing as high as that. Video by wwjdrola.

This is his voice now, nice and deep, and it suits him well. This video was a practice for an upcoming benefit concert, I think. Video by JBMauniernet.

I hope he sings more choir-like songs.


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