Gelato Goodness

I never thought that gelato would taste this good!

My dear friend brought us to Gelatissimo for our finishing dessert in her birthday dinner treat. I was looking forward to this part because It would be my first time to eat gelato.

Gelato, as I have expected, was quite expensive so it was really kind of her to treat us there. As far as I know, it is an Italian dessert which contains less fat and air than ice cream depending on the flavor, thus giving it a  richer consistency, Speaking of Italian, I can’t help but remember Italy of Hetalia. According to one episode of the anime, the Italian army loved gelato so much that they even brought them during the war.

Now coming back to the story of our gelato trip, there were a lot of flavors to choose from! I asked for a free taste of strawberry cheesecake and mango yogurt flavors. Mango yogurt was definitely better, hands down. I love its fruity sour taste which I found very pleasing to my taste buds. After ordering our own gelato, we went outside the shop and offered each one of us a free taste. Some said that my gelato was very sour. Truly it was sour, but its sourness was really interesting for me. And I didn’t like much the flavors they have chosen. Mango yogurt gelato is just the best.

Now, I’m craving for more gelato. I wish I could taste the same thing again.


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