Instrumental Music

Recently, I developed a fascination with instrumental Celtic music. And so, I have downloaded all the possible Celtic music I could get: The Corrs instrumentals, Chrono Cross soundtracks, and other Irish music. Celtic music is really good, melodic, and pleasing to the ears because of the unique combination of fiddle, tin whistle, drums, and more instruments. And these characteristics mainly contribute to the mood of the song, they can be very cheerful or very somber, though usually Celtic music are more cheerful because of the heightened playfulness and colors of the melodies.

This is my favorite instrumental song from the Corrs, entitled “Lough Erin Shore”. Video by orionisprime.

Chrono Cross soundtracks are also good and Celtic-inspired. My favorite song is “Arni Village (Home)”. Every time I hear it, my heart aches as if I needed to reflect onto something. Maybe I should play this song every time I need to contemplate about Life. Video by illmatic28.

I usually listen to instrumental music while studying, especially when I need greater concentration (reading, understanding, writing a paper) because I am easily distracted to the lyrics of the other songs.

Speaking of instrumentals, the next genre I am planning to download are palabunibunyan and rondalla music.


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