Sandwich Galore

Sliced bread  prove to be an indispensable food and stomach filler for very busy college students like me. Sometimes, I do not have enough time to buy and eat real food like rice and viand, so most of the time, I eat sandwiches. And I have tried a lot of brands of sliced bread, but Gardenia whole-wheat bread is the best for me. Every bite is filled with grains that you could really feel while chewing it. Just now, I googled  about Gardenia whole-wheat bread and they mostly say that it is bland. But I find it really good,  I can eat it even without a spread! (just as they proclaim)

Most of the time though, I prefer an extra taste by applying sandwich spreads. My daily morning routine includes preparing sandwiches, which I really enjoy doing. And I have tried a lot of spreads: chicken-mayo spread, egg-mayo spread, Clara Ole mango jam, Kraft Cheez Whiz, and Magnolia Cheezee Spread. I like the combination of Magnolia Cheezee Spread and Clara Ole mango jam. The taste is really something, a complex mixture of saltiness and sweetness. Or maybe I just have a weird preference of taste.

Pictures coming soon.


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