Heterochromia of the eye, from the root words “hetero” meaning “different” and “chromia” meaning “color”, is the condition of having different colors of the irises. It can be complete heterochromia, where both eyes have different colors; or partial heterochromia, where one eye can have two different colors at the same time, and the differentiation of color can be central or sectoral. It can be acquired through heredity of the gene particular to this trait, injury, etc. While this condition is quite rare in humans, it is more seen in dogs, horses, and in particular, cats.

This male cat exhibits complete heterochromia of the eye, one sapphire blue and one emerald green, just like Yuna’s eyes (of Final Fantasy X and X-2). It’s the first time I have seen and heard such a condition, and I think it’s quite cool and pretty to look at. Don’t you think so too?

This cat is in the care of my grandparents from my father’s side. They call him affectionately “bunso” or “youngest” since all of their children are already married, and they have no one else to take care of except this cat.

Such beautiful eyes!


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