Maya All Around

Eurasian Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus) or maya in our native language, are the most common species of bird to be seen in our place. Perhaps they can tolerate urban noise and pollution to a greater extent compared to any other birds.  And they are just too many that they can be considered as pest sometimes. They have made nests in our roofs made of hay and dried grass. Their droppings fall on our car in the garage. Sometimes, a featherless hatchling falls as well from their nest. I once took care of a hatchling and fed it with cooked rice. It grew up until some of its feathers appeared, however it seems that it couldn’t fly anymore. Eventually, it died. Worse fate for a hatchling is to fall in the garage, where our dogs would probably play or eat it.

I hope that there would be a more diverse community of birds in our place.


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