Subic Field Trip

We went to a field trip to Subic, Zambales more than a year ago as a partial requirement in one of my subjects. I have been to Subic many times, but I still had fun since we went to places I haven’t been before.

First stop was to get a tour guide in the tourism department of Subic. Then we went straight ahead to the little village of the aeta (Filipino cultural minority).

They showed us how to survive in the jungle, using itak (sort of Filipino bladed weapon) and bamboos, which is one of the most common and most versatile plant in the forest. They also showed us how to make fire, how to cook rice and dishes, and how to make various utensils from bamboo.

Then they also showed us how to make various animal traps, especially for monkeys.

After the lecture, an aeta led the way for the forest trekking. As it had rained before we arrived, the forest soil was muddy and slippery. I was a bit nervous as the steps were sometimes steep. But the forest was very beautiful, I was especially astonished at the humungous heights of the trees. The aeta also pointed the medicinal plants along the way.

As we left for our next stop in our field trip, we saw several monkeys along the road. Then we went to the beach, but it was sad that it was kind of dirty with trash. Still, the panoramic view of the sea was breathtaking.

Then we went to the Mangrove Trail where they do rehabilitation programs to conserve the remaining mangrove forests. The spiky aerial roots were very striking.

We also went to Zoobic Safari,where we watched an animal and cultural show of the aetas in their traditional clothing. Zoobic Safari is also known for their huge collection of tigers, especially white tigers. But before we went to see the tigers, I saw a wild pig roaming along the forest.

As we left Zoobic Safari and went along the path outside, we came across a farm full of ostriches and wild pigs.

Our next stop was the Crocodile Farm. Our professor was so kind to pay us all the chicken for a thrilling meal session for the crocodiles waiting below. They’re so lazy and huge, like “Lolong”. We were screaming and laughing as the crocodiles ate the chicken hanging at our rods.

Our very last stop was Puregolds Duty Free. I bought some chocolate for my family. Then we went home back to the university.


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