Our Lady of Lebanon

Of all the titles of our Blessed Mother, I chose to post about her being “Our Lady of Lebanon”. It started when I was just searching and completing my archive of Marian images from the internet when I stumbled upon her pictures of her breathtakingly beautiful and gigantic sculpture, said to be erected on the top of the hill of Harissa. I also caught sight of some interesting perspectives of the statue, especially in Flickr. Click here for more.

I especially love the one with the iron fence and a huge imposing image of the statue, as if our Blessed Mother is looking at us below and inviting us to heaven (depicted by the seemingly blue, fair and peaceful sky) while we are imprisoned in our sins. It is as if our Blessed Mother is consoling us and is giving us hope, saying “Come, My child, stand up. Be freed from your enslavement in sins. Let us go to heaven”. That is why I was so inspired that I even made one as my laptop wallpaper as a constant reminder of Our Lady’s omnipotence in her supplication. And this is also to keep the presence of God always.

That reminds me, this month of May is dedicated to Our Lady. As our Blessed Mother, let us offer her some little things with great love, as a child would do to her earthly mother.


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