Summer Has Ended

Yesterday, PAGASA officially declared the start of rainy season due to transformation of the formerly low pressure area to a typhoon named “Ambo”. The summer heat is now just a memory, as we are now to embrace the cold winds and terrible wetness of this season. And that also means the start of semester.

I was not able to have a very long vacation since I had summer classes in Physics 71. I am horribly bad at math so it was a good decision for me, though my mother would probably disagree since it meant to her more tuition fee and allowance. But I did a good job since I had a lot of free time to practice solving physics problems. Maybe I should do the same thing for Physics 72.

After summer classes has ended, I have about two weeks left for my vacation. For now, I am doing an advance study in preparation for a particularly difficult Biology subject most of my free time. Once in a while, I also take tutorial requests.Yesterday, I thought I was going to teach science to PSHS entrace exam reviewees which are just elementary students. But lately I learned that it was for UPCAT reviewees which are already high school students. As I am still a college student, I wasn’t very confident. I could not settle that time, but I did my best. The reviewees weren’t listening attentively, and I have a soft voice which was quite a challenge. But there was one Korean guy which in my delight, asked me some questions about the lessons and UPCAT. Maybe he had difficulties learning since I was speaking in my native language which I am more confident using than English. He should have studied Tagalog since it will probably take a considerably big chunk of the UPCAT exam.

Oh yeah, my netbook just suddenly would not start again after a seemingly two years of clean record. I just hope the files can still be recovered since I do not have a backup. And this semester, I have a couple of things to be excited about. First, I’ll be having a lot of Biology classes. Secondly, my sister and I will live together in a same boarding house for the meantime. I just can’t wait for the start of the semester!

That’s it for now. I have to wait for my netbook to be fixed so that I could post more.


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