Third Year: First Semester Schedule

I thought this semester’s enrollment would be as fast as I have experienced these past two years. I was wrong. And my initial schedule changed dramatically due to unavailability of slots and conflicting class schedules. I tried to be calm as I could and offered to God whatever difficulties I’ve felt that time, but the terrible rain didn’t help at all. In the end, all was well.

I really don’t like 7AM classes but I have no choice but to go out of my comfort zone and be grateful that I even have a Chem 40 class. And all this time, I was planning to take Bio 115 or Higher Plants for Plants Taxonomy Elective, and then take Vertebrate Zoology for Animal Taxonomy Elective. But since I got Bio 111 or Phycology, I decided that I will take Invertebrate Zoology for the next semester since algae and most invertebrates are marine.

I’m pretty excited for the start of classes. But before that I have to be ready physically, mentally and spiritually. That’s why I already went to my boarding house inside the campus so that I will have time to cope for the urban environment.


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