I love hopia. I especially like the ones with flaky crust with slightly sweet mongo paste. Lately, I buy five in a bulk every time I pass by the green stall near College of Home Economics, which they sell them at six pesos per piece. The green stall which I used to buy hopia were selling them at five pesos each, but they haven’t been selling one lately.

Hopia is sort of Filipino pastry of Chinese descent. Actually, I didn’t like them before. But my mother loves hopia and she always buy the mongo ones, and I don’t like mongo. But I used to nibble the flaky crust which I liked, leaving the filling uneaten. Then one time, I tried eating the whole thing and the rest is history.

I also remember one time, I came across a Julie’s bakeshop and scanned their products for hopia. And there were hopia, but there wasn’t a label telling about their filling. I asked the vendor and to my surprise, it was spring-onion flavored filling. It was the first time I heard such a hopia filling, as the more common ones are mongo, pork, ube, and pandan. I bought a few out of curiosity and ate one right away. The taste was tolerable or probably okay, but the common fillings are so much better.

For now, hopia is my college lunch and merienda. It’s somewhat cheap, nice-tasting, food-on-the-go and quite filling (for me).


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