During this First Semester

So many things happened this first semester and I really wanted to take a rest, look back, and reflect. First, there was this huge downpour of rain last July which have caused so much flooding in my province. Thankfully, we live at the upper area so I was very sure that we are spared. It wasn’t even a storm but it caused so much devastation. I remember people saying that it didn’t even flood in our province during the last typhoon Ondoy. It only says a lot how much the climate is changing. On a brighter side though, classes were suspended for a whole week.

Next story. I have officially said goodbye to my Acer laptop last August, or I should say, netbook. It has been broken since July, but I was only able to have it check up much later due to time constraints. And the people at Acer said that the hard disk should be replaced, it can longer be repaired. But my mother said it would be even better to buy a new one than to replace the hard disk since it costs a lot for one part of a laptop. So now after almost three years, my netbook have retired. It was of course hard for me since as a college student, laptop is almost a necessity. I will have to wait for a month before my parents buy me a new one. But I will endure and offer up my difficulties to God, and I will trust in His Divine Providence.

For now, I was able to retrieve my school files. But regretfully, my whole gallery of pictures were damaged. I am still sad that I cannot retrieve them, there’s still so much pictures I have yet to post here on my blog. There are also a lot of old pictures which I have been saving for the sake of remembrance of special occasions. Anyway, what’s done is done. What I can do now is to hunt them all again with perseverance. Meanwhile I bought a 16gb USB for storage of what has been left of my old files which I could use when I borrow laptop.

I also lost my cellphone at the day before my birthday. It was even more inconvenient to lose it, especially near my birthday where I would probably anger my parents due to my carelessness. Sigh. I have caused so much inconvenience to everyone around me because of lack of fast communication. And I also lost my sense of time because cellphone is my only time-checker. I also could not use an alarm when I needed to wake myself up for an early exam. But now, everything’s fine since I got an old cellphone from home.

And so, this semester will end soon. I am currently planning for some things to do during the semester break. I also wanted to cry out all my stress, but this is not probably the best time to do it. I will just have to endure all these difficulties. Smile.

Edit: Last time,  I was very lost of what to do because I could not borrow my sister’s laptop when I super needed it. So, I tried to open my broken laptop without real expectations. And miraculously, it worked! But I don’t know how much longer it can last since it either hangs out or blue-screens at least three times a day. And in those cases, I have no choice but to turn it off via power button which  further worsens its condition. I just hope it lasts until the new laptop arrives or at least before the semester break.


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