Green Microalgae

Initially, I was planning to take a plant taxonomy elective on angiosperms because I wanted to learn more about the common plants I see around everyday. I also thought that it would go well with my planned animal taxonomy elective which is about vertebrates. Also, I found it cool to identify plant genus all around you while you walk!. And so I have my eyes set on “Higher Plants”.

However during enrollment, things didn’t go the way I wanted it due to class conflicts. So, I gave it up and enlisted phycology instead. Which was probably not a bad choice at all! I was actually wondering why only a few enrolled here this semester when many are petitioning for this elective to be offered next semester.

Algae are very interesting creatures. They range from microscopic to macroscopic, in many forms from unicellular, colonial, filamentous, or even multicellular. The most notable ones are the seaweeds, kelps, causer of red tides, and green scums in freshwater ponds and other water bodies. I will end the discussion here because there is just too much information that I might go on forever describing them.

What I enjoy most in this elective is identifying microalgal species. At first, I kept on asking my teacher to help me identify algae apart from other stuff and to know their probable genus. And so through experience coupled with my teacher’s guidance, I can confidently say that I have improved. Here are some of the photos of the algae we have seen under the microscope.  Almost all of them belong under the division Chlorophyta. Identified genus are Scenedesmus, Pediastrum, Cosmarium, Chlorella, Tetrastrum, Euglena, pennate diatom, desmid, and other Scendesmus-like algae which I am still not familiar with.

  1. “I found it cool to identify plant genus all around you while you walk” — same reason why I’m looking forward to Bio 115 Taxonomy of Higher Plants! ^_^ I’ll be taking the course summer this school year; I can’t wait 🙂
    Phycology sounds interesting too. Maybe I’ll add it to the electives I’ll take…
    By the way, I like the clover-shaped algae! :3

    • bcbgarcia said:

      Thank you. 😀
      That’s nice. I thought you can only take one plant taxonomy elective, well that’s our rule here, especially for our batch who would be the last to follow the old curriculum. Or maybe some things are just not the same in different campuses. But Bio 115 is also a good choice. 😀

      • I think different campuses have their own BS Bio curriculum. Here in UP Manila, Bio115 is a required subject you should take during your 2nd year summer. Bio111 is just an elective.
        I read in one of your post that you’re currently taking Bio102? So far, among the four Bio subjects I’ve taken, Bio102 is my favorite :3 (cat rules! ^_^)

  2. bcbgarcia said:

    You have a pretty good curriculum there. 😀
    And I don’t like Bio 102. Or maybe I’m not cut out for anatomy. haha

    • Really??? And here I thought it’s everyone’s favorite. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the other Bio subjects have to say 🙂

  3. Dante Caruso said:

    Hi bea! I took bio 115 last semester and the subject was so much fun, especially our lab prof! It’s too bad that our curriculum doesn’t allow us to take more than 1 plant taxonomy elective. Well, you can always ask our batchmates that took up the subject to teach you 😀

    • bcbgarcia said:

      I used to think that I wanted 115, but looking back at my experiences, I had fun and maybe I couldn’t ask for more. hehe.

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