Christmas Break

Truly, it’s good to be home.

I haven’t been able to left Metro Manila since the start of the second semester. Field trips and appointments have taken all my weekend, though I also did enjoy these activities. And as soon as I was home, my grandmother and my mother commented how thin I have become. That was probably because I did not have enough money during the last weeks before vacation. And when I have eaten my first meal here, I felt so full. Now I am going to gain weight again.

I also have colds for almost a week and a half now. I hope I get well soon. But it’s also my fault because I was not eating well before I was sick, and I haven’t taken any medicine. It started with a sore throat the day just after our choral competition. It’s getting better now I think, but I am still not able to sing well. Just yesterday night, we had out caroling with my orgmates and still couldn’t sing in high notes. Sigh. But I believe I will get well soon. I just need to have more sleep and positive attitude.

This semester is also probably has the most liberating schedule I ever had in my college life. I have so many free time that I was even able to accept a position in one of my organizations and make plenty of fundraisers. Maybe God really willed it to be. I am going to cherish and treasure all these time to plan ahead for the next semesters.

And now I thank God for this very long Christmas break. I will try to finish all the work before our family getaway to Singapore.



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