Lantern Parade 2012

Last year’s Lantern Parade was definitely better than this year. I was even on the parade itself with my co-Bio Majors because it was a CWTS requirement for all College of Science students to create and parade their own lanterns. You could clearly see the authenticity of work of each institute. In our case, we made animal-like, virus-like, DNA-like, plantlike and many other sorts.

This year’s floats were also not as good as last year. I wonder what happened. I still had fun watching from afar in amphitheater, but there were some boring moments. Fine Arts’ floats are always amazing though. College of Engineering’s jeep transformer was the best in my opinion.

The fireworks display was also short. Our view was even obscured because it was displayed at the oblation. They maybe decided to put it there due to last year’s fireworks malfunction. Still most people probably didn’t have a good view since almost all of us were in the amphitheater.

Here are some of the pictures during Lantern Parade. These pictures are from a friend of mine.

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