I absolutely love this Japanese acoustic duo of Miura Takuya and Tokuoka Yoshinari! While I love instrumental celtic-style music, their acoustic genre is also quite beautiful to my ears. They usually switch roles of melody and chord, and they do this very smoothly. Of course they are quite expert in many guitar techniques and I’m always in awe every time I watch them in Youtube videos. They also compose very cheerful and interesting melodies which make a good background music while studying.

My most favorite songs are Itsukamita Michi, Kaze, Mozart’s Turkish March, Ravel’s Bolero, Sailing and Rosy. But it’s hard not to like them all. Here is a video of them teaching how to play their song “Koimizu”.

This video is uploaded by Aldindha.

Anyway, this is their official site if anyone’s interested. Their latest album was just released last October I think and is titled “Acoustic & Dining”.


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