To Singapore for the Second Time

It was my second time to go to Singapore this last holidays. And that meant airplane ride for three and a half hours. Though it wasn’t my first time, I still find it thrilling and a bit scary because I’m afraid of fast vehicles and heights yet I like the rare cloud scenery. It feels like you’re going to Vespin (a planet in Star Wars), the City in Clouds.

It was also my first time to feel turbulence during in the middle of the ride. The airplane went up and then suddenly dropped more than twice! It frightened me a bit, but what really made me uncomfortable was that nasty feeling in my stomach.

During the airplane ride, I spotted a curious-looking island and it turned out to be the tadpole-shaped Corregidor island. It’s really nice to know your geography once in a while.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! I haven’t had the time to make a timely New Year post, and besides I do not have fireworks photos to share. But I really felt blessed last year and I know God will still bless me this year. It just takes a childlike appreciation to see the little blessings He showers us every moment of our lives. Though I felt I didn’t change much for good last year, I will always try to be better and never give up. I look forward positively on how things will unfold this year.


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