February Post

Lush green foliage are now beginning to grow among the seemingly dull branches of the narra trees. Meanwhile, flowers are beginning to blossom, especially among the huge mango and kaimito trees. The afternoon weather has also become warmer lately. Summer vacation is truly nearing fast.

I went home this long weekend. The last time I was home was before the first class of January. I haven’t been able to do it due to my Monday class and my sister’s Saturday class. But I’m glad that Lord gave me this chance to be with my family. I cancelled my other appointments without a second thought. The bus ride was longer than usual due to road constructions in Pampanga (as usual) and in Roman superhighway. It was also raining that time which only added to the coldness of the bus air conditoner, but I had a bowl of hot rice porridge with egg to warm me. Good thing also that I had my arm warmers (which I usually use as sun and insect protection in field works).

And as I arrived I didn’t notice any strange thing at all. I only found out later that our oldest dog, Poddy, just died yesterday. She will be missed. She has been in our household since we started to live in our new house, and that was probably be 8-9 years ago.

Oh yeah, my new laptop is currently under repair. It is a Sony VAIO K series, with a nice pink touch. And it was only purchased last November. It’s still a mystery how it broke down, I’m pretty sure that I am more careful in handling it than any of my previous laptops. But anyway, I’m a bit sad and disappointed that I was not able to back up my precious pictures. I would have to download them all again, for those which I have luckily uploaded in various sites.

Right now, I’m very happy to hear my DEPAPEPE songs over a good speaker. All this time, I’ve been wanting to plug the speakers in a laptop. The beauty and richness of the instruments are greatly enhanced, it is very pleasing to my ears. I love it so much!

Alright, back to studies.


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