Home at Maundy Thursday

We left the boarding house at around 6:20 AM. And we arrived here in the province at 11:20 AM. Five hours of travel! But at least we arrived safely. The bus ride during NLEX was something I’ve never experienced before in my 8 years of bus travelling. We were very cramped at the middle of the bus alleyway. The way I was standing is not sturdy enough to balance myself against the opposing forces whenever the bus accelerates and suddenly stops. So I have to grab hold to the luggage compartment above. Not to mention how hungry I was since I was not able to take my breakfast. My legs were also shaking from fatigue. But I just diverted my mind in other thoughts so I could endure the travel (like happy thoughts and offering the hardships to God). The NLEX part probably took more than an hour because of the snail pace of the vehicles. It’s Maundy Thursday anyway so everyone is rushing desperately, wanting to go home. Like us.

And as we entered our house, I was told that Sandy (one of our dogs) died. So Chocnat is now the only left from the trio and she is the least of my favorite. On a brighter side, we have a new puppy yet unnamed. She is not as charming as our other dogs who died but maybe that’s just my first expression.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten a steaming rice and soup-based viand. We had “ginisang sinigang sa isda” for lunch and “espasol” for merienda and dessert.

It’s good to be home.


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