I really like summer. It’s when the sun is at its best. Though the heat is intolerable everyday, the sunlight infuses carefree, happy, and cheerful mood to people. Or maybe that’s just me, haha. I’m also currently taking summer classes and starting my thesis. I really am excited especially with my thesis.

Seeing all the sunflowers blossoming along the front of our university reminds me of the upcoming graduation of senior students. Before, I was just fond of just looking at them. But now as an upcoming senior student, the idea that I will also graduate soon gave a seed from which thoughts and questions sprouted from my mind. What will I do after graduation? What sort of work I will do? Or should continue to graduate studies as soon as graduation? But one thing is very crystal clear for me: I will not pursue medicine. And to prove that, I will not take NMAT.

This reminds me, I once met a professor from the Psychology department. She seems to be a very warm person. I met her when I was eating arroz caldo breakfast at a cafeteria. She started our conversation and she talked about her general life. But she’s not boasting but encouraging me. She once said that I’m currently in an exciting period in life where decisions today will decide my course in the future. I can’t help but really agree though I’m not too excited but more of anticipating.  I liked her a lot. It seems like God answered my prayers through her.

It’s one year still before graduation. I’m pretty sure God’s Divine Providence will mold my future to its perfection. It’s the best time to have faith in Him.


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