Beginning of the End

It’s Thesis Proposal Season! It’s the common talk of  my batchmates right now, even on Facebook. We seem to be talking and worrying the same thing every day as enrollment is fast approaching.

Oh right, my final year here in college will officially begin soon. Just thinking about it makes me anxious on how things will go. The road seems very dark and unpredictable. I will be holding lots of responsibilities and tasks which I haven’t done in my life. And for that, I need to be more daring and fearless to disappointments and failures. Perhaps I expect too much of myself sometimes, which is one of my biggest pitfalls. But anyway, I should constantly remind myself that worrying will change nothing. I just have to be always steadfast and calm, and to always trust and have faith in God.

Honestly, I feel more anxious with my org duties than with my academics. I am now an executive officer of both of my orgs. I’m afraid that I will come into the point where I have to sacrifice my academics for my committee projects, especially when a few are only wiling to help. But I have made my firm decision that when that time comes, I will cancel the project without second thoughts. An org is not an org if it does not value the welfare of its members, especially on the academic aspects.

Anyway, I’m using this post as a vent to my worries and thoughts. Haha. Good riddance.


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