Steampunk Creative Shot

I just had my graduation picture photoshoot which included toga, formal wear, sablay, and creative shots. For my creative shot, I thought of doing a steampunk cosplay which I decided after I bought a teal-colored dress. My sister disapproved at the choice of my dress so I asked her to help me create and workout the theme since she knows a lot about steampunk stuff. And so without further ado, we started our project by buying materials such as chip board, brown Japanese paper, etc. Our budget was really tight so we weren’t able to buy laces and other accessories. However, I was able to borrow the tall black wedge boots and leather bag from my roommate and the wide black belt from my other roommate. I also have some leather belts, black arm warmers, paper beads, and gray stockings while the rest of the accessories: hat and arm band were done by my sister.

She was really incredible. Look at the details of the hat! Everything is epitome of resourcefulness and creativity. Or maybe because she is just so passionate over cosplay and steampunk stuff. Whatever it is, I am very grateful for her help. I wouldn’t be able to pull off this creative shot successfully without her.


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