Legoland in Malaysia

As we spent our family vacation in Singapore some last weeks of December 2012 until New Year, we also decided to visit Malaysia in a day trip to Legoland. We rode buses which stops by the Immigration office to stamp our passports. As we entered Malaysia, we were welcomed by the heavy traffic, a reminiscence of Manila. We also rode the wrong buses so we ended up in an unfamiliar place. All is well in the end as we were able to get there but almost lunch time. So before we entered the theme park, we had our lunch in KFC. However, there was a brownout as we were ordering our meals. And this to happen in the middle of a hot humid day!

The Legoland theme park was pretty okay. I had fun and there were also some very interesting Lego constructions. However, there were no big trees for shade! And it was drizzling occasionally during our visit. I must say that the theme park was still undeveloped in a certain degree. There is still much room for improvement and new stuff. Still, I liked it. As expected, the rides had driven me almost mad. I hated riding on fast-paced and stomach-lurching rides but the thoughts of spending the afternoon worthily also crossed my mind. If the children could do it, why couldn’t I?

So here are some photos during our visit. What I liked most were the heritage constructions in each country, especially in the Philippines. Although I must say that they should have chosen a more popular site.

These ones were taken above ground in a certain ride which I can’t remember the name. You could see almost everything up here.

I rode this one. I think it was called Technik? That downward slope was really frightening. I also happen to have a fear in heights. But I am glad that I conquered it.

These photos were miniature heritage constructions from several countries, many of which presented were from Asia. Shown here were some town in England I suppose, Taj Mahal from India, a typical Philippine provincial rural setting, and Angkor Wat from Cambodia. I think Angkor Wat was the most beautiful construction because of the earthiness of Lego colors.


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