Double Full-Arch Rainbow

At last I am finally enrolled for (hopefully) the last semester in my university. It took me less than a day but longer than I expected because I didn’t know I was ineligible to enroll. The cause of my ineligibility was the book that I was not able to return last semester. Still, all was well at the end of the day.

I am also happy and grateful for the precious hours spent with my friends over Moshi Koshi lunch and bookhunting in Booksale just before the start of the classes tomorrow. I still remember the bold soy sauce taste of the broth of Tempura Udon that I ordered. And the chewy thick udon noodles! The tempura was also tender. I also was able to buy a P25 book in Booksale,, “The Binding Chair” by Kathryn Harrison. Before we parted ways, we promised to each other to spend another day like that again. I look forward to that.

I also remember the unusual scenery which graced the heavy traffic in NLEX. It was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life, a double full-arch rainbow! I think of it as a blessing from God, a sign of unending hope for this semester. What a good start!


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