Filipino Lutong-Bahay

I terribly miss my mother’s home-cooking, especially the ones with steaming hot broth. Sigh, this really makes me homesick. Maybe I should help out more in the kitchen this coming vacation so that I can practice more on cooking.

This is called Ginataang Kamansi. It has also some banana flower, pork, and cellophane noodles.

This is Pinakbet. The basic ingredients are squash, okra, string beans, bitter gourd, eggplant and fermented shrimp paste.

This one is a popular dish among foreigners, Adobo. The bold flavor is due to the vinegar, soy sauce and garlic. Popular variations include the use of chicken, pork or squid.

Ah, one of my favorites: Sinigang. Many variations include the use of many souring ingredients such as tamarind, calamansi, kamias, guava, etc. and meat such as pork, chicken, beef, fish and shrimp. Vegetables are also plentiful in this dish, especially the leafy green ones.

This is called Tinola. So far I haven’t seen much variation in this dish. Basic ingredients include chicken, ginger, malunggay or chili leaves, and chayote or unripe green papaya.


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