Hanamaruken Ramen

My friends and I, being ramen enthusiasts, decided to have our lunch date in one of the nearby ramen restaurants in TriNoma: Hanamaruken. It was said to be established from Osaka. I have read a couple of reviews about them beforehand and almost all gave positive comments. The most crazed of all is their bestseller and specialty ramen: Signature Happiness Ramen. So I ordered it even though it was so expensive.

So here it is in all its glory. The broth was shoyu-tonkotsu. There was also something written in the nori, haha, I can’t read it. The pork cut was braised rib which was very soft and tender. The soup was okay, you can tell that they have prepared it for a very long time due to the richness of the broth. But I don’t know… it was not deep enough for a shoyu or maybe it was just me still missing the shoyu broth of Moshi Koshi. The noodles are very thin and slippery so I slurped them all the way. It was generally delicious, nonetheless. But maybe next time, I’ll order Pot Belly or Chasyu Ramen instead because I still prefer the pork belly cut. It think it will be more melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Here is their gyoza. Nothing spectacular, I would say. All gyoza I have tried tasted the same. I still prefer Chowking wanton/siomai.

I like the ambiance of the place, the shamisen music playing, etc. Something to note also is their very straightforward menu. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable lunch. Hooray for ramen!



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