Today is Raining, Yesterday it Rained, Surely it will Rain Tomorrow

That would probably be the longest title I’ve thought of in this blog. Does it ring a bell? Right! It’s a part of the translated lyrics of “Pub and Go” character song of England, one of the Allied members of Hetalia series, created by Himaruya, Hidekaz. The Japanese lyrics are the following:

“Kyou no ame.
Kinno no ame.
Kitto ashita no ame dakedo,
Kasa no sasanai, datte ore wa
Eikoku shinshi, shinshi, shinshi…”

The lyrics are very appropriate in this coming rainy season here in the Philippines. But I am no British lady or gentleman. I always have my umbrella in my bag. I should probably buy wedge slippers soon to prevent my feet from getting wet. Gah, I really hate rainy days. I don’t like the hot humid weather it creates before the occasional rainfalls or thunderstorms. Getting wet is also a bother. The grayness of the overcast sky is also depressing. I guess I just have to bear with it for the next six or seven months. Time to tune-in for the PAGASA site and their Project Noah.


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