Happy New Year (2015)

“Next year, I will never be the same again.”

This is what I had told myself last year, and without even realizing, everything came in a blur. Even now, I still feel that it was just a moment ago.

I graduated last year. After a week, I had a job offer in a research laboratory. Then I became a graduate student majoring in Microbiology. Sampling, laboratory work, papers and studies kept me busy that I lost track of time. Christmas was nearing and I had to apply to universities abroad. Just this November, I took courage and sent emails to professors asking for openings in their laboratories. I am still unsure if things will go well but I do hope for my sake. I want to see new perspectives, learn more laboratory techniques and to experience working in a different environment. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I wish everyone a Happy New Year! My new year’s resolution is to have time for my hobbies. I need to develop my other skills so that I will become a well-rounded individual and not just someone who does scientific stuff for the rest of her day.


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