Japanese Food: Takeiya

My co-workers were craving Japanese food one time and so while we weren’t that busy that day, we decided to dine out in a Japanese restaurant. We were choosing between “Roku Ramen and Sushi” in Katipunan and “Takeiya” in Maginhawa. We have already tried the former restaurant and we had very good first impressions with the food. Having eaten a lot of ramen, theirs isn’t in the high end but still tasted pretty good and satisfying. Their sushi rolls are also highly recommended. Meanwhile, no one haven’t tried “Takeiya” and I have read mixed reviews about this restaurant. Still, we decided to go to “Takeiya” mainly because we haven’t tried it yet and also for the convenience.

They offer so much variety, I was surprised! Anyway, my co-workers ordered the usual ones like katsudon, fish fillet, etc. while I tried their miso ramen (being a ramen fan). Also we ordered two kinds of sushi for group sharing.


I guess it’s okay. The sushi in “Roku Ramen and Sushi” is still better though. The miso ramen I ordered tasted nice but I felt the noodles should not belong there, maybe they’re kind of egg noodles instead of wheat? In general, the taste and ambiance felt like “Masshitta”  in UP Shopping Center but more expensive. But I don’t think I’ll be coming back here because there are far better alternatives.


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