Goose house Live

My heart just melted.

It was my first time for me to see them perform this way and it’s a very great improvement I should say  (I don’t know if they had their done their ustream like this in the past). So I watched their most recent ustream just this night and I fell in love in every song they covered. My favorite was “DA. YO. NE.” by East End x Yuri. I am not actually familiar with the original artist but anyway wow. They have such great skills and showmanship.

By the way, some may not be familiar with Goose house so I’d like to give a brief introduction about this awesome Japanese pop group. So they are composed of seven members: Shuhei Kudo, Shuhei Watanabe, Johnny Saito, manami, Sayaka, Migiwa Takezawa and Kei Takebuchi. The current lineup was not particularly composed of the original members, some of them have already graduated while others remained. Of course new ones were also recruited. My favorite among all the members is Johnny Saito-san. He’s a good singer and adept in many stringed instruments (which I am also familiar of). Speaking of which, I have posted below their last song performance during that night’s ustream titled “Sedan Girl”. It’s one of their original songs which can be found in one of their latest album, “Bitter”. And the main singer for this song is none other than Johnny Saito-san.

What a lively song! Actually I still don’t know the English translation of the lyrics but the melody is catchy and uplifting. I think they recently gained more popularity after making the “Oto no naru hou e” ending song of Gin no Saji and “Hikaru nara” opening song of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Anyway for more information about Goose house, please visit their official site here.


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