Maiko Toshiemi (舞妓 とし恵美さん) of Miyagawa-cho

At last my dream came true! I was able to see a maiko real close when I went to Miyagawa-cho. Actually my first time was when I went to Gion in an izaka-ya but I was just too star-strucked or dazed to even react. What really surprised me about Miyagawa-cho is that it was such a long yet narrow street with a community feel. Maybe it will feel like hanamachi during night time with the lit-up lanterns in every ochaya or establishment.

Her name is Toshiemi, a first-year maiko (apprentice geiko) in one of the five hanamachi of Kyoto. I’ve seen pictures of her before in the internet but she was even cuter in person. I personally think she is a classic Kyoto beauty. Thank you Toshiemi-san for posing for me!

Note: Since this month is October, her hana-kanzashi has the theme of chrysanthemums. Her first year status can be seen clearly with the shidare in her kanzashi, very red eri, and only her lower lip painted.

You can read more about maiko and geiko in my previous blog post here.


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