Shimogamo-jinja (下賀茂神社) and Tadasu no Mori (糺の森)

Shimogamo-jinja (“Lower Kamo Shrine”) is a Shinto shrine located at Sakyo-ku dedicated to the creator and guardian of the Kyoto City, Kamotaketsunomi-no-mikoto with his daughter Tamayorihime-no-mikoto. It was built even before the Heian era and is currently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s sister shrine is Kamigamo-jinja located upstream of the Kamo-gawa (“Kamo River”). Meanwhile Tadasu-no-Mori (“Forest of Corrections”) is a virgin forest which goes back during the Yayoi period. It was very relaxing walking through the forest path, hearing the chirps of wild birds and the quiet murmur of the flowing stream and as well as seeing the lush green scenery. I am looking forward to going back when the leaves have changed colors.

You can read for more information in the shrine’s site here:


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