Fureaikan: Maiko Fumiyoshi (舞妓 富美芳さん) of Miyagawa-cho

Fureaikan in Miyako Messe showcases many beautiful and elegant Kyoto traditional crafts. And in every third Sunday of the month, they invite maiko from different hanamachi as maiko use and wear many Kyoto handicrafts such as their hana-kanzashi, hikizuri, okobo, and others. The admission here is free and this is only one of the few events you can see a maiko perform.

This October, they invited Maiko Fumiyoshi from Miyagawa-cho. She talks in very sweet and soft-spoken Kyoto-ben. She performed three dances: Hagi-kikyou, Momiji no Hashi and Gion Kouta.

I was torn whether I should finish the sumo match happening in Shimadzu Arena or attend this instead. I chose the latter and I do not regret coming here.


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