Daimonji-san (大文字山)

“My heart burns like a Daimonji…”

This excerpt is from the famous Gion Kouta song which elaborates the beauty of Kyoto. Daimonji-san is a mountain of less than a kilometer in height yet it stands majestically at the eastern side of Kyoto. During the summer event of Gozan no Okuribi (五山送り火), bonfire is lit up to take up the 大 (dai: large) character at the top of the mountain where everyone can see the spectacular burning sight at night.

The view from the Daimonji-san was breathtaking, although the strong cold wind was also taking my breath away (joke intended). I could imagine that the sunset would be even a sight to see but we climbed down before it could happen (because we lacked proper gears for night hiking). Still it was definitely a nice experience!

Here is the panoramic view of Kyoto from the top of Daimonji-san. You could see that Kyoto is pretty flat in terms of building constructions (except for a few buildings). I’ve read somewhere that it is their way to prevent the tall buildings from hindering the views of temples and pagodas.

And nothing was better to beat the cold and tiredness by eating ramen! They say that Kyoto-style ramen is having lots of negi or onion leeks.


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