The time has come once again for the narra trees to bloom. Their inflorescences are deep yellow and tiny  which are easily carried by the wind, causing a carpet of yellow flowers to form under these majestic trees. Moreover, they release a certain kind of sweet scent. And it’s a beautiful sight to see. I think  this would be the perfect Philippine version of cherry blossoms in Japan.

These narra trees seem to bloom only during the end of February to March. I know hardly about them so I cannot really tell. Still, they always reminds me of the upcoming summer vacation. And while I was walking towards class and I saw some trees already shedding some flowers, I suddenly remembered the memories of summer last year.

Halimuyak ng mga bulaklak ng narra,
Akay-akay ng maalinsangang hangin,
Tangayin nawa ang masayang ala-ala,
Noong unang nabuo ang isang hangarin.

Rough translation:
Sweet scent of narra flowers,
Drifted by the warm summer wind,
May it take along with it the happy memory,
When the first wish was born.


Things are getting busier now that I am gearing towards graduation. I hope I can manage. But anyway, one time during class, I was suddenly inspired to make a very short poem about my current favorite dessert. Ice scramble! They’re so cheap, that’s why. I like mine with extra helpings of milk powder and marshmallow, and of course, no chocolate syrup added. I buy my ice scramble in a kiosk named “Iskomai” where they named their ice scramble product as “Iskorambol”. Isko for scholar.

Bundok ng pinong yelo na kulay rosas
Tinaktakan ng matamis na pulbong gatas
Saka likidong tsokolate pang ibabaw
Swak na panghimagas sa taong uhaw.

Very rough translation:
Mountain of finely-shaved ice dyed pink
Showered with sweet powdered milk
Then add chocolate syrup to top
Surely a satisfying dessert to a thirsty one.

How time flies by so fast! Deadline is soon approaching for the submission of yearbook write-ups. It would be a bit strange if I will write it myself so I kindly asked for my friend’s testimonials. It was truly a heartwarming and surprising discovery; all this time I didn’t know that they see me in interesting points of view that I never imagined. I am most grateful to God for even for a little, I made a difference for the people around me.

Meanwhile, I made this short poem; a summary of all the testimonials from my friends. It quite sounds like the tagline of my blog: “radiating great happiness and serenity”.

A soft voice heard from afar,
Song of a little maya.
Greeting the sun a pleasant day.

A sneak peek of bustling scenery in a college hellweek.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…
Maliliksing mga daliri,
Oras ay umiigsi,
Kailangang magmadali,
Deadline ay kailangang habulin!

The pressure was just too much for me. I promise that in the next semester, I will do things in advance!

Just now, I was about to go to sleep when a sudden surge of inspiration urged me to make this new poem. This is also in relation to the post before this. I haven’t written one in years, and come to think of it, II have never even made one serious English poem in my entire life,

The inspiration’s partly from one of DEPAPEPE’s instrumental songs titled “FLOW”.

Just as how water creeps within
Cracks of tough unbudging rocks.
Inferior they may seem
But great is their way of overcoming
Impossible terrains and fields.

Just as how water trickles down
Slowly through endless streams.
Droplets they may seem
But when combined can cut through and chisel
Overwhelming mountains and hills.

Just as how water keeps flowing
Through miles of meandering ways.
Far the journey may seem
But never stopping
Until they reach the bottom of the sea.

I like going to supermarket and stores because I enjoy seeing how they display their products in an attractive and colorful way. I have no money most of the time so I always do “window-shopping”, feasting at their art forms.

One time at SM Supermarket in San Fernando, Pampanga, I saw a really beautiful display of ice cream containers placed in an open freezer of all sorts of flavors. I took photos of it though I think I’m not allowed to do so.

See those marvelous columns of ice cream as far as the eye can see. Isn’t it beautiful? Surely, younger children would be more fascinated, tugging their parents to buy one as well.

Talking about ice cream, my favorite flavor is vanilla, topped with cashews, rice crispies, cornflakes and more light-flavored toppings. Yum! My stomach’s grumbling right now.

Updating this post, my roommate just bought a container of Double Dutch ice cream and she kindly shared some of it with us. I topped it with my Quaker Oats cereals. It was delicious.

Sorbetes, kulay ay iba-iba
Sa mata ay nakakakahalina,
Sa dila’y nakakatuwa
Sa puso’y nakakataba.
Gusto ko pa ng isa!
Meron pa ba?

A month has already passed since the last time I have posted. This really tells how extremely busy I am with my studies. It’s not that I am doing it for myself or for my future life, the reason is more grander than that. That’s why I’m always struggling to perfect every little detail of it, even though I know I cannot be good with everything about it. And I know that every hardship would bear fruit, this undying perseverance to work (in my case, studies) would teach me order, discipline, and the necessary virtues in life. Of course, I still enjoy and have fun despite this busy academic life.

The weather have been bad lately due to “hanging Habagat” and low pressure areas. There was a time when it rained continuously for almost a week or more, I remember hearing from the news that July had an unusual number of typhoons. Every morning, the sky greets me with a gloomy face. I long for the warmth of sunlight once again.

Yesterday, my prayer was granted. It was a really fine weather, you could see the sunbeam creeping out of the leaves and branches of the trees as if the heaven was opening wide. But those wonderful sights only lasted in the morning. The afternoon sun was more intense that you would wish for rain was once again. What extreme weathers!

And since August is the national language month, I will write and post poems in this blog. I have written  one so far, but it is still incomplete. The inspiration came from one of my favorite desserts, buko pandan. Buko pandan is a mixture of pandan gelatin/jelly, shredded buko meat, sugar, crushed ice, and evaporated milk.

Tanghali, katirikan ng araw,
Ang init ay umaalingasaw.
Lalamunan ko’y tuyo at uhaw,
Tanging tubig ang nais isigaw.

At sa paglalakad ay namasdan,
Isang payak at munting tindahan…

To be continued.