My heart just melted.

It was my first time for me to see them perform this way and it’s a very great improvement I should say  (I don’t know if they had their done their ustream like this in the past). So I watched their most recent ustream just this night and I fell in love in every song they covered. My favorite was “DA. YO. NE.” by East End x Yuri. I am not actually familiar with the original artist but anyway wow. They have such great skills and showmanship.

By the way, some may not be familiar with Goose house so I’d like to give a brief introduction about this awesome Japanese pop group. So they are composed of seven members: Shuhei Kudo, Shuhei Watanabe, Johnny Saito, manami, Sayaka, Migiwa Takezawa and Kei Takebuchi. The current lineup was not particularly composed of the original members, some of them have already graduated while others remained. Of course new ones were also recruited. My favorite among all the members is Johnny Saito-san. He’s a good singer and adept in many stringed instruments (which I am also familiar of). Speaking of which, I have posted below their last song performance during that night’s ustream titled “Sedan Girl”. It’s one of their original songs which can be found in one of their latest album, “Bitter”. And the main singer for this song is none other than Johnny Saito-san.

What a lively song! Actually I still don’t know the English translation of the lyrics but the melody is catchy and uplifting. I think they recently gained more popularity after making the “Oto no naru hou e” ending song of Gin no Saji and “Hikaru nara” opening song of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Anyway for more information about Goose house, please visit their official site here.


That would probably be the longest title I’ve thought of in this blog. Does it ring a bell? Right! It’s a part of the translated lyrics of “Pub and Go” character song of England, one of the Allied members of Hetalia series, created by Himaruya, Hidekaz. The Japanese lyrics are the following:

“Kyou no ame.
Kinno no ame.
Kitto ashita no ame dakedo,
Kasa no sasanai, datte ore wa
Eikoku shinshi, shinshi, shinshi…”

The lyrics are very appropriate in this coming rainy season here in the Philippines. But I am no British lady or gentleman. I always have my umbrella in my bag. I should probably buy wedge slippers soon to prevent my feet from getting wet. Gah, I really hate rainy days. I don’t like the hot humid weather it creates before the occasional rainfalls or thunderstorms. Getting wet is also a bother. The grayness of the overcast sky is also depressing. I guess I just have to bear with it for the next six or seven months. Time to tune-in for the PAGASA site and their Project Noah.

I absolutely love this Japanese acoustic duo of Miura Takuya and Tokuoka Yoshinari! While I love instrumental celtic-style music, their acoustic genre is also quite beautiful to my ears. They usually switch roles of melody and chord, and they do this very smoothly. Of course they are quite expert in many guitar techniques and I’m always in awe every time I watch them in Youtube videos. They also compose very cheerful and interesting melodies which make a good background music while studying.

My most favorite songs are Itsukamita Michi, Kaze, Mozart’s Turkish March, Ravel’s Bolero, Sailing and Rosy. But it’s hard not to like them all. Here is a video of them teaching how to play their song “Koimizu”.

This video is uploaded by Aldindha.

Anyway, this is their official site if anyone’s interested. Their latest album was just released last October I think and is titled “Acoustic & Dining”.

Recently, I developed a fascination with instrumental Celtic music. And so, I have downloaded all the possible Celtic music I could get: The Corrs instrumentals, Chrono Cross soundtracks, and other Irish music. Celtic music is really good, melodic, and pleasing to the ears because of the unique combination of fiddle, tin whistle, drums, and more instruments. And these characteristics mainly contribute to the mood of the song, they can be very cheerful or very somber, though usually Celtic music are more cheerful because of the heightened playfulness and colors of the melodies.

This is my favorite instrumental song from the Corrs, entitled “Lough Erin Shore”. Video by orionisprime.

Chrono Cross soundtracks are also good and Celtic-inspired. My favorite song is “Arni Village (Home)”. Every time I hear it, my heart aches as if I needed to reflect onto something. Maybe I should play this song every time I need to contemplate about Life. Video by illmatic28.

I usually listen to instrumental music while studying, especially when I need greater concentration (reading, understanding, writing a paper) because I am easily distracted to the lyrics of the other songs.

Speaking of instrumentals, the next genre I am planning to download are palabunibunyan and rondalla music.

He is definitely one of the best choral singers.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier, a French, was a soprano with a very high angelic voice. He became a member of the children’s choir, La Chorale des Petits Enfants De Saint-Marc. But he just broke his voice recently due to puberty, and now though his voice is not as high as before, is still good. I think he is planning to be a tenor.

I learned about him from the movie Les Choristes, where he became famous. Our religious instructor made us watch this and I couldn’t be more grateful since I enjoyed and learned from it very much.  The plot was very touching, and I liked the singing part, especially when Maunier as Pierre sings solo. This part was when the formed boy’s choir performs. The song is entitled “La Nuit“. Video by Peteronfire.

He also sang a magnificently wordless song, “Concerto Pour Deux Voix“, with Clémence Saint-Preux to record his high voice. Seriously, this song poured forth all the wonders of his voice. Even I can’t sing as high as that. Video by wwjdrola.

This is his voice now, nice and deep, and it suits him well. This video was a practice for an upcoming benefit concert, I think. Video by JBMauniernet.

I hope he sings more choir-like songs.

I’ve never felt so uncomfortably hot. Normally, we don’t use the electric fan since there is always a nice cool breeze providing a constant ventilation inside our living room. But now, it’s quite impossible.

Summer in the Philippines is not based on the four seasons. I think it’s more of the time when elementary and high school students have no classes and where the hottest months are felt throughout the country. These months are March, April and May. And I just heard from the news that the hottest temperature are usually recorded during May.

Anyway last Easter, we received lots of Easter eggs after the mass. The nuns of the Poor Claire Monastery have prepared them all, for devotees of St. Claire often offer trays of eggs. We made them into yummy egg sandwich spread along with other ingredients: mayonnaise, onion, sugar and salt. We consumed about two loaves of bread with that amount of egg sandwich spread.

I also spent most of the time watching anime and doing advance review. About anime, I just finished watching D.Gray-man, Hetalia, Azumanga Daioh, Yumekui Merry, Pretear and Kare Kano.

D.Gray-man is just amazing. I love the concept of the story, the Noah, exorcists, akuma, the fight between good and evil, and the main character Allen Walker which seems to be in the gray side. I can’t totally describe how I felt after watching all the episodes, and after continuing the story by reading the manga. The story is so deep and overwhelming, the characters are much appreciable even those on the evil side. And Allen being the 14th Noah and also a powerful exorcist is such a nice twist. After reading Chapter 205, I can’t help but think what would happen next. What will Allen do now? What will he do to prevent the Noah from devouring him? Is the 14th Noah really good? Will he have a chat with the 14th Noah to decide the course of events? When will he return to the Order, even knowing he wasn’t an exorcist anymore in the eyes of the Headquarters? Did Cross die? Did Road die? What? Why? How? The suspense is building up quite high and I have to wait for more than a month to know some of the truth. What a well-woven story!

This is a scene in Episode 93 where Allen plays the piano to save and control the ark, being the host for the Musician/14th Noah. The singer was the same voice actress of Allen Walker, Kobayashi Sanae. Video uploaded by BlizAngel.

I also enjoyed watching Hetalia, it was like having a funny world history lesson. My most favorite character/country is England; he has quite an interesting personality. And I like how he deals with other countries, especially France and China. Maybe the thing I didn’t like much with this series is how annoying North Italy could get, especially every time he shouts “Doitsu! Doitsu!”, asking for Germany’s help for such trivial things as tying one’s shoelace.

That’s it for now. Hello, hot summer!

I really don’t like watching drama except when there’s some cultural aspect in it such as my all-time favorite “Dae Jang Geum” and “Queen Seon Deok”. Maybe because I feel in awe and admiration every time I encounter an exotic culture, especially their traditional dresses, food and other material aspects. So it’s not that I don’t appreciate my own Filipino culture, in fact I love it very much; the food, our traditional dresses, and especially the rondalla which seems to be unpopular to the masses. I just hope that we, Filipinos, should never forget our own culture in spite of this other culture invasions.

Anyway, I have encountered another Japanese drama called “Dandan”, said to be the Izumo dialect for “Thank you”, which is about twin sisters who were separated by their parents since they were babies. I think it’s like “Parent’s Trap” with a Japanese twist on it. The firstborn “Nozomi” became a maiko or apprentice geiko in Gion like her mother, and her geimei is “Yumehana” while her mother is “Hanayuki”. On the other hand, the second-born “Megumi” lived with her father as he married another woman and had a new family on their own in Izumo.

But then, twins are always connected by a thread of fate, and it’s quite expected that destiny should let them meet even though how distant they are to each other. Soon they discovered about their identities, though secretly they kept it to themselves for now. Then they planned to meet in Kyoto, and soon, Nozomi executed her plan that they should exchange places so that they could meet each other’s parents. Megumi became a maiko and stayed there, though it’s a relief that another housemate geiko, Hanatsuru, assisted her in her job in entertaining clients in private parties.

Nozomi then went home to Izumo. Their parents soon discovered that the twins have switched places, and so, they have no choice but to tell them what happened to the past. I don’t know how this drama concluded, but I plan to watch it all till the end.

Ookini! Dandan! Salamat.