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Ah, the TV news programs have already started  the countdown for Christmas. The night is also beginning to be adorned with shimmering Christmas lights and colorful lanterns hanged along the streets and houses. Truly, I can already smell the sweet scent of anticipation for the coming of our savior, Jesus Christ. How I love Christmas, and surely everyone else does!

I plan to put a small Christmas decoration inside our room in the boarding house so that even when we study, we may never give up and lose hope. And perhaps, we might even forget that Christmas is already nearing due to our busyness to studying. Isn’t it beautiful when everyone’s heart is aching tenderly for the birth of our Savior? I also plan to download some Christmas songs to liven up the stiff mood of our room.

And now, here are my Christmas wish list:

1. YOUCAT book
2. Books by Saint Josemaria Escriva

  • Friends of God
  • The Way
  • The Forge
  • The Furrow

3. Catholicism of the Catholic Church
4. Any books (as long as it’s not SciFi)

  • Culture-related books
  • Alex Rider series

5 Comprehensive 2012 planner
6. DLSR Canon/Nikon Camera!
7. Geisha books

  • Geisha: A Living Tradition (Kyouko Aihara)
  • Women of the Pleasure Quarters (Lesley Downer)
  • A Geisha’s Journey (Komomo)
  • Geisha: A Unique World of Tradition, Elegance, and Art (John Gallagher)
  • Geisha: Beyond the Painted Smile (George Braziller)
  • Geisha: The Life, the Voices, the Art (Jodi Cobb)

8. Suikoden III Manga Volumes: 1, 5, 6, 8, 10
9. 100+ Crayola Set
10. Blouse/ornaments


Now I realized I’m so selfish. I wanted the attention of others, especially on m birthday.

It was my birthday eve, around 11:30 PM, and I was anxiously waiting for someone to IM and greet me “Happy Birthday” from the Yahoo Messenger. But in my disappointment, nobody did, and I quickly assumed that everybody forgot. It’s just I’m expecting too much that I felt my birthday was already ruined because of that simple thing. I just lately realized how stupid I was.

When I woke up tomorrow morning, I saw my mother cooking spaghetti and my younger brother absorbed in the computer. Then I also realized that no once in my family has greeted me yet, even if my presence is already there. My younger sister didn’t greet me too after waking her up for breakfast. Then we ate our breakfast and it seemed like everybody really forgot how special that day was, until I finally broke up into tears that they realized why my mood was so sour. They said their sorry, and greeted me many times to regain my mood.

I don’t know why but I felt like my chest wanted to burst during the mass. It seemed like my eyes wanted to shed tears. Was I happy because they greeted me? Or because of disappointment? I really didn’t know the reason. But then as the mass went on, I knew that I was happy for being born that day, the same day of the feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz, for being me, and for the love and affection of people around me. That time I became contented, and learned how foolish and selfish I was.

And so, I arrived at my school dormitory, not really expecting someone to greet me. I just thought that they didn’nt know because I also tend to forget other people’s birthdays. But someone knocked at my door and gave me three surprises. The first one was the greeting, the second was a plastic insect which came out  when I pulled a gum. And the third one was a book, and I was very thankful to her for such wonderful gifts.

And so more dormers learned that it was my birthday that day, and they showered me with more greetings. I was very happy in the end. Now I learned not to expect and never assume things so easily.

Since we owe our younger brother a party from his last birthday, we made sure that we would prepare a small celebration on his upcoming birthday, even if it would just be hosted in the house. The day before that, we did a lot of household chores. We swept the floor, dusted the furnitures, decorated things, arranged the things in our messy cabinets, lined all our shoes in the storage room, hid all my “dorm” things and other school bags in the extra room, brushed the concrete floor of the terrace, etc.

And even on that day, we weren’t able to stop working. We put chairs and  tables outside in the garage, tied some balloons on the chairs, served the food, and washed the dishes. But I did not complain since I really wanted  to give him a proper party.

We only invited our neighbors and our close relatives because the food we prepared were not enough for a whole clan. The wind was such a nuisance since it blew all the things away: our hair, our unattended things. the balloons, everything! It was messy. There were also a lot of flies swarming and feasting on foods! Of course we put a lot of plastic wraps to cover the food. Some of the food were spaghetti, shanghai, fried chicken, cake, pichi-pichi, puto, kutsinta, pansit gisado, hotdog and marshmallows, embutido, rice, macaroons, and more.

The party was generally short and simple; we just invited guests for food. We didn’t even have a single parlor game, which is almost a necessity in a children party. But it was fun!