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How time flies by so fast! Deadline is soon approaching for the submission of yearbook write-ups. It would be a bit strange if I will write it myself so I kindly asked for my friend’s testimonials. It was truly a heartwarming and surprising discovery; all this time I didn’t know that they see me in interesting points of view that I never imagined. I am most grateful to God for even for a little, I made a difference for the people around me.

Meanwhile, I made this short poem; a summary of all the testimonials from my friends. It quite sounds like the tagline of my blog: “radiating great happiness and serenity”.

A soft voice heard from afar,
Song of a little maya.
Greeting the sun a pleasant day.


At last I am finally enrolled for (hopefully) the last semester in my university. It took me less than a day but longer than I expected because I didn’t know I was ineligible to enroll. The cause of my ineligibility was the book that I was not able to return last semester. Still, all was well at the end of the day.

I am also happy and grateful for the precious hours spent with my friends over Moshi Koshi lunch and bookhunting in Booksale just before the start of the classes tomorrow. I still remember the bold soy sauce taste of the broth of Tempura Udon that I ordered. And the chewy thick udon noodles! The tempura was also tender. I also was able to buy a P25 book in Booksale,, “The Binding Chair” by Kathryn Harrison. Before we parted ways, we promised to each other to spend another day like that again. I look forward to that.

I also remember the unusual scenery which graced the heavy traffic in NLEX. It was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life, a double full-arch rainbow! I think of it as a blessing from God, a sign of unending hope for this semester. What a good start!

Shoeshine, the infamous resident cat of Pavilion 4, is biology students’ most favorite undissected cat. She garnered her name due to her habit of frolicking people’s shoes or feet. More than that, she is undeniably cute because of her short tail and markings near her eyes. She also is constantly getting pregnant, which is why students always tease her for being malandi.

This was when she was approaching me because of the food I was eating.

I just had my graduation picture photoshoot which included toga, formal wear, sablay, and creative shots. For my creative shot, I thought of doing a steampunk cosplay which I decided after I bought a teal-colored dress. My sister disapproved at the choice of my dress so I asked her to help me create and workout the theme since she knows a lot about steampunk stuff. And so without further ado, we started our project by buying materials such as chip board, brown Japanese paper, etc. Our budget was really tight so we weren’t able to buy laces and other accessories. However, I was able to borrow the tall black wedge boots and leather bag from my roommate and the wide black belt from my other roommate. I also have some leather belts, black arm warmers, paper beads, and gray stockings while the rest of the accessories: hat and arm band were done by my sister.

She was really incredible. Look at the details of the hat! Everything is epitome of resourcefulness and creativity. Or maybe because she is just so passionate over cosplay and steampunk stuff. Whatever it is, I am very grateful for her help. I wouldn’t be able to pull off this creative shot successfully without her.

A sneak peek of bustling scenery in a college hellweek.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…
Maliliksing mga daliri,
Oras ay umiigsi,
Kailangang magmadali,
Deadline ay kailangang habulin!

The pressure was just too much for me. I promise that in the next semester, I will do things in advance!

I used to memorize this during our high school CAT times. And it is still sometimes useful when I need it. Especially now that exams will be going through their last wave next week. Just a little bit more!