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My ramen buddies and I thought of eating ramen somewhere near our place (unlike Makati) so we found this ramen restaurant quietly tucked along the Sgt. Esguerra Ave. near Edsa. Go-en ramen’s location is not particularly accessible but we were still determined to go since we haven’t seen each other for a long time. It has a rather nice and homey atmosphere. I think the owner of the restaurant is also very fond of the hammer-shaped Japanese toy with ball attached to a string (forgot the name) because there were lots in display.

So we ordered right away. I had cheese-miso ramen while my friends had burnt shiyo ramen. I was instructed not to mix the cheese right away but allow it to slowly melt in my soup as I eat. The cheese-miso ramen also comes with soft-boiled egg, bean sprouts, ground beef (beneath the mound of cheese) and corn. Meanwhile, the burnt shiyo ramen comes with soft-boiled egg, menma (bamboo shoots), naruto (fish cake), char siu slices and nori (seaweed).

The ramen set is complete with appetizer side dish (small sweetened fish with sesame seeds), iced green tea and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. We weren’t expecting it coming, especially the ice cream so we were overjoyed. I was so full that I didn’t finish my share of gyoza and also had my leftover ramen packed. Still we had a wonderful time. I’ll definitely come back when I have the time (and money).


My friends and I, being ramen enthusiasts, decided to have our lunch date in one of the nearby ramen restaurants in TriNoma: Hanamaruken. It was said to be established from Osaka. I have read a couple of reviews about them beforehand and almost all gave positive comments. The most crazed of all is their bestseller and specialty ramen: Signature Happiness Ramen. So I ordered it even though it was so expensive.

So here it is in all its glory. The broth was shoyu-tonkotsu. There was also something written in the nori, haha, I can’t read it. The pork cut was braised rib which was very soft and tender. The soup was okay, you can tell that they have prepared it for a very long time due to the richness of the broth. But I don’t know… it was not deep enough for a shoyu or maybe it was just me still missing the shoyu broth of Moshi Koshi. The noodles are very thin and slippery so I slurped them all the way. It was generally delicious, nonetheless. But maybe next time, I’ll order Pot Belly or Chasyu Ramen instead because I still prefer the pork belly cut. It think it will be more melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Here is their gyoza. Nothing spectacular, I would say. All gyoza I have tried tasted the same. I still prefer Chowking wanton/siomai.

I like the ambiance of the place, the shamisen music playing, etc. Something to note also is their very straightforward menu. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable lunch. Hooray for ramen!


My friends and I dined out in UP Town Center months ago during the most stressful moments of our college life. We chose to eat in Ryu Ramen & Curry since we like eating and discovering Japanese food. And besides, we heard some positive reviews about it.

And so we entered the restaurant. We were the only customers that time since it was an odd afternoon hour. My friends were on a tight budget so they ordered katsudon, gyoza and fried rice. Meanwhile, I was able to save some money for this dine-out so I ordered their best-seller ramen, Tantanmen.

It was good although I’d say that miso ramen is my least favorite among the ramen versions (shio and shoyu). The taste reminds me of laksa from Singapore. I like the spicy kick though. Maybe next time, I will order the shoyu version. Still, we did not enjoy our dine-out as much as we did in Suzu Kin. We felt that they’re food are overpriced. And so that ends out Japanese food trip to Ryu Ramen & Curry. Next time, we’ll try the Little Tokyo in Makati!


My friends and I had a pre-Christmas dineout in Suzu Kin, a Japanese restaurant located along EDSA. It was well worth the money. We unanimously agreed that the dishes were quite authentic, although I must say that we are not much knowledgeable in Japanese cuisine. Still, truly oishii! The prices were actually much cheaper than I expected. We ordered three separate and two shared dishes: tempura udon (1st picture), katsudon, something soup with soba noodles, spicy tuna sashimi with mayonnaise (2nd picture) and my most favorite, chirashi-zushi in donburi style (3rd picture).

It was actually our dream to dine in an authentic Japanese restaurant and I am very glad that we tried this out. Now, where should we dine next?