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We had a field trip one time in my archaeology course to the Santa Ana Church, also known as Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned in Manila. It is a church built and dedicated to Our Lady. That reminds me, yesterday was Mother’s Day. I greet Our Lady a blessed Mother’s Day!

I was told that there were some significant archaeological remains discovered in the church: skeletal and material remains of people dating back to pre-Spanish period. It turns out that the land on which the church was built and beyond was a pre-Spanish cemetery. Nice!

For starters, I took photos of the exterior and interior of the church. The retablo was said to be original and very antique. Of course, the featured imahe is the Our Lady of the Abandoned, above the tabernacle. There was also a room full of statues of saints for devotees. Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, my patron saint, was there too.

Looks like the parish also has a site. Visit it here.


Corregidor is said to be a tadpole-shaped island which lies in a strategic position along the middle of the sea between Bataan and Cavite. And so it played a key role during the World War II. Many soldiers have died in this island, and the Japanese  were buried in one common burial seen at the last photo. The Malinta tunnel is also built here where many historical events took place inside it.

We visited Corregidor last April via ferry ride in Manila. It was a fast tour because we were only allowed a few minutes every place or spot we stopped by. Maybe the whole trip in Corregidor only lasted four hours, including lunch break. But then I think we were also chasing the right time to safely arrive in Manila because the waves are said to be very strong during late afternoon.

Here are some of the pictures my sister have taken. I also took photos but I lost my cellphone so she kindly shared hers. I edited them all.