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I used to memorize this during our high school CAT times. And it is still sometimes useful when I need it. Especially now that exams will be going through their last wave next week. Just a little bit more!


I absolutely love this Japanese acoustic duo of Miura Takuya and Tokuoka Yoshinari! While I love instrumental celtic-style music, their acoustic genre is also quite beautiful to my ears. They usually switch roles of melody and chord, and they do this very smoothly. Of course they are quite expert in many guitar techniques and I’m always in awe every time I watch them in Youtube videos. They also compose very cheerful and interesting melodies which make a good background music while studying.

My most favorite songs are Itsukamita Michi, Kaze, Mozart’s Turkish March, Ravel’s Bolero, Sailing and Rosy. But it’s hard not to like them all. Here is a video of them teaching how to play their song “Koimizu”.

This video is uploaded by Aldindha.

Anyway, this is their official site if anyone’s interested. Their latest album was just released last October I think and is titled “Acoustic & Dining”.

Recently, I developed a fascination with instrumental Celtic music. And so, I have downloaded all the possible Celtic music I could get: The Corrs instrumentals, Chrono Cross soundtracks, and other Irish music. Celtic music is really good, melodic, and pleasing to the ears because of the unique combination of fiddle, tin whistle, drums, and more instruments. And these characteristics mainly contribute to the mood of the song, they can be very cheerful or very somber, though usually Celtic music are more cheerful because of the heightened playfulness and colors of the melodies.

This is my favorite instrumental song from the Corrs, entitled “Lough Erin Shore”. Video by orionisprime.

Chrono Cross soundtracks are also good and Celtic-inspired. My favorite song is “Arni Village (Home)”. Every time I hear it, my heart aches as if I needed to reflect onto something. Maybe I should play this song every time I need to contemplate about Life. Video by illmatic28.

I usually listen to instrumental music while studying, especially when I need greater concentration (reading, understanding, writing a paper) because I am easily distracted to the lyrics of the other songs.

Speaking of instrumentals, the next genre I am planning to download are palabunibunyan and rondalla music.

He is definitely one of the best choral singers.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier, a French, was a soprano with a very high angelic voice. He became a member of the children’s choir, La Chorale des Petits Enfants De Saint-Marc. But he just broke his voice recently due to puberty, and now though his voice is not as high as before, is still good. I think he is planning to be a tenor.

I learned about him from the movie Les Choristes, where he became famous. Our religious instructor made us watch this and I couldn’t be more grateful since I enjoyed and learned from it very much.  The plot was very touching, and I liked the singing part, especially when Maunier as Pierre sings solo. This part was when the formed boy’s choir performs. The song is entitled “La Nuit“. Video by Peteronfire.

He also sang a magnificently wordless song, “Concerto Pour Deux Voix“, with Clémence Saint-Preux to record his high voice. Seriously, this song poured forth all the wonders of his voice. Even I can’t sing as high as that. Video by wwjdrola.

This is his voice now, nice and deep, and it suits him well. This video was a practice for an upcoming benefit concert, I think. Video by JBMauniernet.

I hope he sings more choir-like songs.

I love music ever since I started playing my instrument, octavina. So, when my sister told me about an anime which was about music concerts, “La Corda d’oro ~Primo Passo~”, I agreed to finish the series. And I liked it, especially the concours. I also started to appreciate Frederic Chopin’s piano. Twice or thrice in this anime Chopin’s compositions were shown, and they were played by Tsuchiara  for the concert contests.

This is Etude Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major, played in violin. Video by  christelle7108

This is Fantaisie Impromptu. I used to play it in O2 Jam. Video by  christelle7108

I like listening to Chopin’s music when the environment’s peaceful and quiet. It’s very soothing.

I really love this song because it’s just so plain cute, and also because there is a dance version of it which is quite cool. However, I’m not really a dancer so I just memorized the song, at least. I have read somewhere that there was a record of 70 people who danced this song in Australia. Many cos-players also prefer dancing this in Anime Expos. By the way, Hare Hare Yukai came from the anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”.

Here is the video for the song. Video by mokoge205.

The dancers were quite good actually, one of the best I’ve watched among cosplayers. However, their costume seems to need more attention. Video by TayledrasAdept.

This is the Hare Hare Yukai concert. Those performing onstage might be the original singers. I’m not too sure though. Video by damnitsrj.

Nazonazo mitai ni chikyuugi wo tokiakashitara
Minna de doko made mo ikeru ne
Wakuwaku shitai to negainagara sugoshiteta yo
Kanaetekureta no wa dare nano?Jikan no hate made boooon!!
Wa-pu de ru-pu na kono omoi wa
Nani mo kamo wo makikonda souzou de asobou
Aru hareta hi no koto
Mahou ijou no yukai ga
Kagirinaku furisosogu fukanou janai wa
Ashita mata au toki warai nagara hamingu
Ureshisa wo atsumeyou
Kantan nanda yo konna no
Oikakete ne tsukamaete mite
Ooki na yume yume suki deshou?

Iroiro yosou ga dekisou de dekinai mirai
Sore demo hitotsu dake wakaru yo

Kirakira hikatte atsui kumo no ue wo kazaru
Hoshitachi ga kibou wo kureru to

Jikan ni norou yo byuuuuun!
Chi-pu de ku-ru na toshigoro da mon
Samishigaccha hazukashii yo nante ne iwasete

Te to te wo tsunaidara
Mukau toko muteki desho
Kagayaita hitomi ni wa fukanou ga nai no
Ue dake miteiruto namida mo kawaichau
“Kawaritai!” Kokoro kara
Tsuyoku omou hodo tsutawaru
Hashiridasu yo ushiro no hitomo oide yo
Dokidoki suru deshou?


Wa-pu de ru-pu na kono omoi wa
Nani mo kamo wo makikonda souzou de asobou

Aru hareta hi no koto
Mahou ijou no yukai ga
Kagirinaku furisosogu fukanou janai wa
Ashita mata au toki warai nagara hamingu
Ureshisa wo atsumeyou
Kantan nanda yo konna no
Oikakete ne tsukamaete mite
Ooki na yume yume suki deshou?

“May rest doon, ano ba?! Walang akong maririnig na tunog kapag may rest,” said Sir Yumang as he smashed the drumstick loudly on the board. “Ulit! Puno (Back from the start),” he said as he readied his hands to conduct.

This had always been a natural experience for every rondalla member, especially when you were a slacker who tend to miss a lot of practices. You would be scolded when you missed a note, when you plucked a wrong string or if he couldn’t hear your playing. Of course I understood those times since I know how professional musicians had trained their ears so well. I did not regret being scolded because I know I learned from it. But it seemed like many were really afraid of Sir Yumang because of this treatment, and well, I couldn’t blame them.

He also liked talking about his life, and probably, he had already retold this story twice or more. When he was young,  he told us that he was given 12 balots because he was able to play the piece that the members of the band couldn’t. He used to play trumpet, and so he continued his music career in Philippine Normal University. However, he was about to give up his studies due to financial problem when an opportunity opened for him. He was invited to work in the Department of Tourism as a musician. He must be screened first before being admitted and so during the test,  the examiner pulled a  piece randomly from a thick compilation of papers then ordered him to play it. Sir Yumang asked for a fifteen-minute practice to be prepared, and after that, he  was able to play the piece and even admitted to the solo trumpet!

I joined rondalla  when my teacher, who was also the rondalla advisor, announced that they were accepting new applicants.  I didn’t have any idea of what instruments they play so I had a dilemma of choosing one. I heard that octavina was cheaper than banduria,  so I chose octavina. But it turned out that banduria was P1100 and octavina was more expensive, probably P1200! And so that’s how I ended up with my octavina, but I have no regrets. I really like it, and it’s  easier to play since the frets are wider; my finger can comfortably travel on the fingerboard when I play.

I still continued to attend rondalla even though I already graduated from elementary. This really shows my passion and my love for it. Sir Yumang was kind; he let me attend lessons for free. But it was saddening to see that the number of active members were alarmingly dwindling. And so, the rondalla was later dissolved…

Here is the list of all the pieces I had learned. Sadly, I may have forgotten or half-forgotten some of them because I had a habit of just memorizing them by hand or by tune, and not by writing them down.

1. Paraluman
2. Somewhere My Love
3. Christmas Medley
4. God Fater
5. Ilocana a Nasudi
6. Spanish Eyes
7. Tuburan
8. Summer Polka
9. La Traviata
10. O Ilaw
11. Halina Sa Belen
12. Barcarola
13. Pobreng Alindahaw
14. Sitsiritsit
15. Lupang Hinirang
16. And I Love Her
17. Himig ng Lahi
18. Polkalina
19. Besame Mucho
20. Sway