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I was really hoping that this day would be over soon. However, even after these periodical tests, I still have to do a couple of projects. So, I decided to review Social Science first since I don’t mind getting a lower grade in Physics. And also, I already have a low grade in that subject so I just need to maintain my good grade in Social Science to pull it up.

I decided to start my review at 7 PM. But before that, I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha that next time I glanced in my watch, it was already 8 PM because I was so eager to read it continuously. Even after that, I wasn’t able to focus onto reading handouts because my laptop was beside me. So, I just decided to continue reading the rest of the handout tomorrow morning.

And so I still continued, now less distracted but still I wasn’t able to review Physics that much; I just memorized the formulas. I really have a bad habit of not solving exercises from the books, so I felt I’m not quite prepared for the test.

During the test, I took all the chances I could get in Physics. If I got the answer, I would just write it down without any doubts  just for the sake of having an answer. Physics was really hard for me.

On the other hand, Social Science was somewhat tricky. And there was a bonus: you have to make a funny joke related to Egypt, Rome or Greece. I’m not really the joking type so I was really thankful that I was able to make one, though it’s very corny. “Anong civilization ang mamantika?” “E di Greece! (Grease)”


Since I already reviewed half of the Biology lessons during vacation, I thought that I should review Math first. I did my best to understand and memorize the trigonometric formulas, and I also solved some of the problems in the book. However, I had a hard time solving at some of the problems that I just stared at the solutions for a long time!

During the test period, I was grateful that I memorized the formulas; I might’ve failed it if I didn’t . The test was half multiple-choice and half “fill in the blanks”, and some of the “fill in the blanks” were left unwritten. The scratch paper was also not enough for me, even if the questionnaire was included to it. There were also two bonus questions which I only managed to answer one.

On the other hand, I only reviewed my Biology lessons for approximately three hours. I just skimmed my notes and the slideshows though I was really hoping  that I could mail my teacher for some further clarifications last night. But  disappointingly, the internet was broken in such a bad timing. But I could say I was lucky because I managed to answer the bonus recitation questions during vacation.

The Biology Test was long, about 70 questions; some were multiple choice, some were identification. Honestly, I dislike multiple choice because it’s tricky to choose the best answer. Well, I’m just glad that I was able to finish it on time.

After a week of unexpected vacation, I did nothing but download, watch and surf in the internet. I cannot help it; it seemed like my whole body’s gonna burst out of boredom if I just reviewed the lessons nonstop. And all of my important files and slideshows are saved in my laptop so I was really distracted. Not to mention the deadlines of the projects which are fast approaching.

We took our periodical test in English and Chemistry. I was worried at the start because I barely remember the details in the novel Kitchen God’s Wife. Though I read it twice, I think it didn’t work out because I read it too early that I forgot the tiny details. Or maybe because I already started reading Memoirs of a Geisha that I have mixed all things up. I just hope I get a fairly high score though I’m not really expecting much anyway.

I also felt unprepared during the Chemistry test. My mind was still full of doubts about the lesson, especially on the conceptual part. I sent an email to my teacher regarding my questions but all her answers seemed to had slipped off my mind. I also had a hard time reviewing stoichiometry.

But then during the test, I guess it would be safe to say that it was just okay. I did “shotgun” about three to four questions because I really didn’t know the answer. Well, It can’t be helped. Good thing that the test was a multiple-choice type. And the results were already posted just after some hours; that quick! I took a glance on the scores and saw mine. I could say that my score wasn’t bad at all.