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We bought 17 albino rats for our laboratory experiment. They were so cute! I loved their ruby eyes and adorable faces. They were smaller than what I expected since we had a rat about 10 inches long but died due to too much sedation.

This is my favorite shot.

We’ve been a lot of STRess lately due to our research project. Revising methodology, contacting various people, and doing a lot of paperwork were a pain.

Despite of those, we were able to have fun at SM North Edsa. We went  to BioResearch and bought their last rat (a blind one actually). We thought it wouldn’t matter since our research is about wound healing.


Then we went to Tokyo-Tokyo to eat dinner together. We ordered Yakisoba and Onion Rings and ate beside our rat (which people found it creepy).

Our research project title is “The Efficacy of Loligo vulgaris (Squid) Ink as a Topical Treatment for Simple Cut”. It’s not very hardcore but I could proudly say it’s unique.