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As we spent our family vacation in Singapore some last weeks of December 2012 until New Year, we also decided to visit Malaysia in a day trip to Legoland. We rode buses which stops by the Immigration office to stamp our passports. As we entered Malaysia, we were welcomed by the heavy traffic, a reminiscence of Manila. We also rode the wrong buses so we ended up in an unfamiliar place. All is well in the end as we were able to get there but almost lunch time. So before we entered the theme park, we had our lunch in KFC. However, there was a brownout as we were ordering our meals. And this to happen in the middle of a hot humid day!

The Legoland theme park was pretty okay. I had fun and there were also some very interesting Lego constructions. However, there were no big trees for shade! And it was drizzling occasionally during our visit. I must say that the theme park was still undeveloped in a certain degree. There is still much room for improvement and new stuff. Still, I liked it. As expected, the rides had driven me almost mad. I hated riding on fast-paced and stomach-lurching rides but the thoughts of spending the afternoon worthily also crossed my mind. If the children could do it, why couldn’t I?

So here are some photos during our visit. What I liked most were the heritage constructions in each country, especially in the Philippines. Although I must say that they should have chosen a more popular site.

These ones were taken above ground in a certain ride which I can’t remember the name. You could see almost everything up here.

I rode this one. I think it was called Technik? That downward slope was really frightening. I also happen to have a fear in heights. But I am glad that I conquered it.

These photos were miniature heritage constructions from several countries, many of which presented were from Asia. Shown here were some town in England I suppose, Taj Mahal from India, a typical Philippine provincial rural setting, and Angkor Wat from Cambodia. I think Angkor Wat was the most beautiful construction because of the earthiness of Lego colors.


It was my second time to go to Singapore this last holidays. And that meant airplane ride for three and a half hours. Though it wasn’t my first time, I still find it thrilling and a bit scary because I’m afraid of fast vehicles and heights yet I like the rare cloud scenery. It feels like you’re going to Vespin (a planet in Star Wars), the City in Clouds.

It was also my first time to feel turbulence during in the middle of the ride. The airplane went up and then suddenly dropped more than twice! It frightened me a bit, but what really made me uncomfortable was that nasty feeling in my stomach.

During the airplane ride, I spotted a curious-looking island and it turned out to be the tadpole-shaped Corregidor island. It’s really nice to know your geography once in a while.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! I haven’t had the time to make a timely New Year post, and besides I do not have fireworks photos to share. But I really felt blessed last year and I know God will still bless me this year. It just takes a childlike appreciation to see the little blessings He showers us every moment of our lives. Though I felt I didn’t change much for good last year, I will always try to be better and never give up. I look forward positively on how things will unfold this year.

The places we also visited were Sentosa, Marina Bay and Singapore Flyer.

And I really enjoyed Singapore Flyer. It was my first time riding in a “ferris wheel” because I’m afraid of heights. They gave us a radio with recorded lecture of Singapore’s history and buildings to see during the ride. It was a marvelous sight, you can see everything! It would have been better if you ride during the night.

We went to Sentosa via Cable Car. That's the view outside. It was a bit short, but then I like it.
We went to Sentosa via Cable Car.
That's the cable car station in Sentosa. We're nearing there.
That’s the cable car station in Sentosa. We were nearing there.
It's a spider crab. Really huge crabs, I think they're the largest species of crabs in the world. There are also lots of sharks, sting rays, fishes of all kinds, jelly fishes, starfishes, all you can think of! And a sea cow. :)
It’s a spider crab in Underwater World. Really huge crabs; I think they’re the largest species of crabs in the world. There were also lots of sharks, sting rays, fishes of all kinds, jelly fishes, starfishes, and many more.
The pink dolphin in Dolphin Lagoon. This cute one posed for pictorial before the show.
The cheerful pink dolphin in Dolphin Lagoon.
One of the dolphins jumped gracefully out of the water. Dolphins are really fascinating creatures. This is during the dolphin show.
One of the dolphins jumped gracefully out of the water during the dolphin show.
Singapore Flyer! One whole revolution takes about 30 minutes.
Singapore Flyer! One whole revolution takes about 30 minutes.
The view inside Singapore Flyer - Marina Bay. The green one is the floating soccer field.
The view inside Singapore Flyer – Marina Bay. The green one is the floating soccer field.
You can only see it in Singapore Flyer. I think this is the future plan for Marina Bay - a city inside a garden.
You can only see it in Singapore Flyer. I think this is the future plan for Marina Bay – a city inside a garden.

Of all the tourist spots we visited in Singapore, I enjoyed Singapore Zoo the most! Compared to Manila Zoo, Singapore is really interactive and the animals are not caged! They’re placed in really huge places with boundaries of water to prevent them from escaping or going near the people.  They can really run wild in their natural habitat.

We were given with map of the zoo since the place is really big, somewhere in Woodlands. There were also separate animal shows scheduled in that day, which were quite good and nicely-prepared.

Mousedeer; they kept on hiding inside the bushes
Some black monkey; it was quite cool that they’re free to hang and climb to any trees
Cute otters
Lazy warthogs; they’re all muddy because of the rain
Vicious white tigers
My first time seeing a kangaroo
Emu; large birds that cannot fly
Imagine seeing that during the night
I think it’s a goat; cool horn
A white crane that kept on scratching itself
Giant tortoise
A mountain goat near the cliff
A family of baboons
Hippo drinking in a pond water
Elephant Show!
Sea cows… huge aquatic mammals
Adorable penguins!
Large unmoving crocodile
A viscous Komodo dragon
Inuka – the Polar Bear
Pink flamingos
Bad Cheetah!
Nicely-striped zebra
This is definitely an ostrich
They are sponsored by Abott Growth
Fruit Bat hanging on a branch
That squirrel monkey seem sad

I was a bit disappointed though because there was no panda. Anyway, I had fun!

April 2, 2009. Tuesday.

We woke up earlier than usual. I really wanted to log in to my internet accounts but my mother told me to take a bath since we couldn’t afford to be late. Then we ate our usual breakfast – hotdog and steamed rice.

As we prepared ourselves, it was odd that I wasn’t excited unlike my younger brother who kept on saying, “Yay! We’re going now. I’m so excited!”. Perhaps I didn’t know what to expect. After all, it would be my first time to ride in an airplance, and my first trip to another country – Singapore.

We have 6 baggage, all full of extra blankets, clothes, and foods such as dried and smoked fish. They were really heavy, good thing my uncle was there to help us put them all in the back of the car. He would also accompany and drive us all the way to  Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

Food sold in airplanes are really expensive as they say, so we bought some extra food that we could eat during the flight as we arrived at the airport. At 1:30 PM, we checked in. And we went through a lot of things –  they scanned our baggage, then weighed and put them on cargo, then we went to the  Immigration Office, and lastly body inspection. Then we just waited until our airplane arrived – Tiger Airways.

I had a nice view. :DSadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the clouds. They were really fluffy and cute, like cotton candies. And we took off really fast, in just a second, the buildings below became really small like I’m looking at Google Earth. I slept after a few minutes, then ate a cup of noodles we bought in the plane which costs P140! Then after two and a half hours, we arrived at Changi Airport Budget Terminal.

Daddy was already waiting for us to take us in the condominium. But before that, we ate dinner at Burger King. We  also bought SMRT cards – mode of payment for MRT lines and buses in Singapore. Singapore’s transportation is really comfortable, fast and easy. Just tap the card for payment.

And I was surprised to see a lot of condominiums! I guess Singapore is really that small country. And everywhere you turn, there is a badminton court, basketball court, gym equipments and other recreational area.

Singapore - Chua Cho Kang 420
Singapore – Chua Cho Kang 420