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Corregidor is said to be a tadpole-shaped island which lies in a strategic position along the middle of the sea between Bataan and Cavite. And so it played a key role during the World War II. Many soldiers have died in this island, and the Japanese  were buried in one common burial seen at the last photo. The Malinta tunnel is also built here where many historical events took place inside it.

We visited Corregidor last April via ferry ride in Manila. It was a fast tour because we were only allowed a few minutes every place or spot we stopped by. Maybe the whole trip in Corregidor only lasted four hours, including lunch break. But then I think we were also chasing the right time to safely arrive in Manila because the waves are said to be very strong during late afternoon.

Here are some of the pictures my sister have taken. I also took photos but I lost my cellphone so she kindly shared hers. I edited them all.


I never thought that gelato would taste this good!

My dear friend brought us to Gelatissimo for our finishing dessert in her birthday dinner treat. I was looking forward to this part because It would be my first time to eat gelato.

Gelato, as I have expected, was quite expensive so it was really kind of her to treat us there. As far as I know, it is an Italian dessert which contains less fat and air than ice cream depending on the flavor, thus giving it a  richer consistency, Speaking of Italian, I can’t help but remember Italy of Hetalia. According to one episode of the anime, the Italian army loved gelato so much that they even brought them during the war.

Now coming back to the story of our gelato trip, there were a lot of flavors to choose from! I asked for a free taste of strawberry cheesecake and mango yogurt flavors. Mango yogurt was definitely better, hands down. I love its fruity sour taste which I found very pleasing to my taste buds. After ordering our own gelato, we went outside the shop and offered each one of us a free taste. Some said that my gelato was very sour. Truly it was sour, but its sourness was really interesting for me. And I didn’t like much the flavors they have chosen. Mango yogurt gelato is just the best.

Now, I’m craving for more gelato. I wish I could taste the same thing again.

I like going to supermarket and stores because I enjoy seeing how they display their products in an attractive and colorful way. I have no money most of the time so I always do “window-shopping”, feasting at their art forms.

One time at SM Supermarket in San Fernando, Pampanga, I saw a really beautiful display of ice cream containers placed in an open freezer of all sorts of flavors. I took photos of it though I think I’m not allowed to do so.

See those marvelous columns of ice cream as far as the eye can see. Isn’t it beautiful? Surely, younger children would be more fascinated, tugging their parents to buy one as well.

Talking about ice cream, my favorite flavor is vanilla, topped with cashews, rice crispies, cornflakes and more light-flavored toppings. Yum! My stomach’s grumbling right now.

Updating this post, my roommate just bought a container of Double Dutch ice cream and she kindly shared some of it with us. I topped it with my Quaker Oats cereals. It was delicious.

Sorbetes, kulay ay iba-iba
Sa mata ay nakakakahalina,
Sa dila’y nakakatuwa
Sa puso’y nakakataba.
Gusto ko pa ng isa!
Meron pa ba?

April 2, 2009. Tuesday.

We woke up earlier than usual. I really wanted to log in to my internet accounts but my mother told me to take a bath since we couldn’t afford to be late. Then we ate our usual breakfast – hotdog and steamed rice.

As we prepared ourselves, it was odd that I wasn’t excited unlike my younger brother who kept on saying, “Yay! We’re going now. I’m so excited!”. Perhaps I didn’t know what to expect. After all, it would be my first time to ride in an airplance, and my first trip to another country – Singapore.

We have 6 baggage, all full of extra blankets, clothes, and foods such as dried and smoked fish. They were really heavy, good thing my uncle was there to help us put them all in the back of the car. He would also accompany and drive us all the way to  Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

Food sold in airplanes are really expensive as they say, so we bought some extra food that we could eat during the flight as we arrived at the airport. At 1:30 PM, we checked in. And we went through a lot of things –  they scanned our baggage, then weighed and put them on cargo, then we went to the  Immigration Office, and lastly body inspection. Then we just waited until our airplane arrived – Tiger Airways.

I had a nice view. :DSadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the clouds. They were really fluffy and cute, like cotton candies. And we took off really fast, in just a second, the buildings below became really small like I’m looking at Google Earth. I slept after a few minutes, then ate a cup of noodles we bought in the plane which costs P140! Then after two and a half hours, we arrived at Changi Airport Budget Terminal.

Daddy was already waiting for us to take us in the condominium. But before that, we ate dinner at Burger King. We  also bought SMRT cards – mode of payment for MRT lines and buses in Singapore. Singapore’s transportation is really comfortable, fast and easy. Just tap the card for payment.

And I was surprised to see a lot of condominiums! I guess Singapore is really that small country. And everywhere you turn, there is a badminton court, basketball court, gym equipments and other recreational area.

Singapore - Chua Cho Kang 420
Singapore – Chua Cho Kang 420