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Our dog had a rather comfortable siesta this afternoon while I’m doing some laundry. At least she had a good sleep I just can’t help but sneak a shot.

She’s too adorable!


At last, we had our mother persuaded on getting a new puppy in the house. The older four dogs have already passed away, sadly, and we’re missing their bustle and energy. Although we had a new one recently, I named her “Bebang”, but one is not just enough. So one night when we arrived at the house after a long time, my mother announced that we have a new puppy.

I didn’t notice it at first. Maybe because of it s black color. But later I was able to see the puppy. She was already big for a puppy, maybe a few weeks more and she will look more of a fully-grown dog. I am glad that I was still able to document her puppy days. I named her Katya but it was later changed to Katkat.

By the way, our dogs are all mongrel. Mongrel dogs are still popular guard dogs in the Philippine households.