Funny Komiks

I was an avid reader of Funny Komiks since  when I was in Kindergarten. Every Sunday morning, I used to wake up early so that I could read first the freshly-delivered issue before my younger sister. Sometimes, I used to wait for the delivery man to pass by in our house, or in school if he missed giving the comic in Sunday.

It was P8 before, pretty cheap. But the latest price I saw was P15.  But we stopped buying the later issues when we transferred to our new house. I was also terribly disappointed that my mother gave away the thick mass of old issues. So that left us with nothing, but luckily, I found one in our old house. Here are some of the sections.

The front partThey’re Matsutsu and Bardagol from “Planet Op Di Eyps”. They’re trying to catch the tarsier because there is a reward cash for those who would give it alive. Matsutsu actually caught it using his old socks, so the tarsier died. The issue was published in 1999.

EklokI really like this series. Eklok is somewhat “bulol” which adds an additional humor to the story. It has some moral lessons too.

DSC00052One of my favorites; it’s not very Pinoy-style but thanks to this series, I learned to draw anime-style human figures. There was also AX II, an epilogue of this series. I think I could still remember the names of the characters: Maiden, Hikaru, Belle, Hazel, Reinjinna and their daughters and sons in the second series.

Thunder CatI also liked reading this. It was still starting in this part. Katkat is the the main character while the lightning guy is Little Kid who gave the Super Thunder Power to Katkat that made him a hero.

Tinay PinayI think the maker of AX was also the person behind the goodness of the illustration here.

Tomas En KulasOkay, this is also one of my faves. Tomas is really a bad singer… but still he likes singing. Kulas on the other hand, has more sense than Tomas. They’re really a great buddy pair.

Mr. & Mrs.Definitely the best part! Nothing more to say.

It was truly saddening that the Filipino comic industry declined, if not died My mother used to say that comics were even rented during her times. Well, things change I guess.

  1. jen said:

    wow! i was surprised by this. hehe. i also used to read the same comics magazine especially when i was young (elementary days..hehe) but unfortunately lost the few issues that i’ve ever had. some were misplaced while some were got destroyed by the typhoon Ondoy. huhu. coz i was some kinda hooked by this, i copied/drew some of the magazine’s characters (i.e., belle from AX). (^_^) hehe. i just missed this comics a lot!!!

    • bcbgarcia said:

      I miss it too! It’s a waste that some of your copies were lost .

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. jap said:

    hi bea do you still have 1998 fk issues? pls pls email me at the email na niregister ko dito thanks 🙂

  3. A group member of our Facebook page, I LOVE PILIPINO FUNNY KOMIKS, shared this article to us. In case you guys have a Facebook account, you may want to join us for some Funny Komiks goodness. Us old-timers occasionally feature issues from the ’90s so you’ll find something there that would remind you of your childhood.

    • bcbgarcia said:

      Thanks! I will consider on joining the group.

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